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The collaboration between Lovemark and Sardaleasing, a BPER Group company specialising in all-round leasing for companies and professionals, began in 2021, with a project to define the strategy and implement the editorial plan for the LinkedIn channel.

The desire of BPER Leasing-Sardaleasing is to change its communication on social networks and make it recognisable and engaging, with the aim of reaching a wider audience.

Through careful analysis and research, aimed at exploring the landscape in which competitors and comparators operate and to understand the strengths with which to differentiate BPER Leasing’s social communication, Lovemark creates a concept in which the sharing of content takes place with an approach aimed at making people understand how the instrument of leasing can be safe and advantageous: a fresh, dynamic and engaging textual and visual language is therefore chosen.


Leasing per tutti

Leasing is treated in a simple and concrete manner, with a tone of voice that is professional but at the same time moves away from excessively technical language, in order to present the brand’s services as a suitable and concrete solution, easy and accessible.

The strategy adopted turns out to be a winner, the data speak for themselves: +829 followers, +130K impressions, +3K engagement rate.
But this was only the first step towards the integration of increasingly digital tools: the collaboration between Sardaleasing and Lovemark was renewed and extended to the website.

The request is to make a renew of the website: the Lovemark team is already at work with Market Analysis activities, aimed at identifying the Buyer Personas that best meet Sardaleasing’s goals and analysing their different Customer Journey.

At the same time, through an SEO Strategy activity, the main and most performing keywords have already been studied and identified for the creation of innovative and engaging content that responds to all SEO requirements.





130 K



3 K


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