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Coem translates its 40 years of experience into website and social networking, relying on Lovemark’s competence and expertise in the ceramic sector.

Thanks to the support of the Development and Social teams, the company was able to strategically reposition itself online. By means of highly engaging content and exploiting a website capable of responding to all technical usability requirements, the two brands Coem and Fioranese have been reborn in a new light that combines aesthetics and tradition.

The brand websites, entirely customised in terms of graphics and structure, have been designed to have an attractive layout, lively and full of personality: the overlay of the homepage and the hamburger menus are examples of this, the result of Lovemark’s creative study that winks at usability.

But that’s not all: together with the customer, the Home 3D configurator was implemented for the first time in the interface, which allows users to design and customise the 3D environment of their home in real time.


Design with nature

Lovemark’s Social Media Stretegy found a crucial meeting point in this web design project, especially with regard to the Fioranese brand: for the first time, in fact, they worked closely with Instragram, the photo-sharing social network, creating the Instagram Feed Gallery for every single product in the Wall and Floor Coverings section. An innovative idea that allows the images published in the Instagram feed containing the hashtag of the Ceramiche Fioranese product to be included in the Instagram Feed Gallery of the website.

A team effort between the two brands of Ceramiche Coem and Lovemark that allowed the creation of a cutting-edge website in every respect.

The project carried out by Lovemark also included the creation of ad hoc activities for events, such as the Cersaie 2021 trade fair, for which a specific concept was created for the live storytelling of the event: a success that was also brought to the Lovemark lectures at IAB.

At a time when the trade fair world was severely tested by the health emergency, Lovemark was able to leverage digital and create a new opportunity for Ceramiche Coem to present its novelties in an innovative, smart and totally virtual way.

The main goal was to engage the target group by presenting the new 2021 collections during or instead of the trade fair. The means to achieve the objective were manifold:

  • A virtual concept was created that respected the official invitations of the two brands for Cersaie 2021;
  • The Tec&Dev team was able to create an interactive and captivating Virtual Stand, allowing the user to enter the Coem and Fioranese universe and live a completely virtual experience.
    In order to involve visitors even more, the Virtual Stand includes images of settings, CTAs referring to the website for further information, gifs and videos.
  • In order to convey the Virtual Stand, the entire Lovemark team worked to create banners and CTAs on the corporate websites of the two brands, create an editorial plan that covered the pre, during and post-event period, and an accurate advertising activity on social networks, with the objective of post interaction.


The results were very satisfying: +2000 users on the website, with more than 5000 page views; tracking of the most visited collections, so as to have feedback on the most popular products; about 500 users who visited the Virtual Stand.


I risultati sono stati ampiamente soddisfatti: +2000 utenti sul sito, con più di 5000 visualizzazioni di pagina; tracciamento delle collezioni più visitate, così da avere un riscontro sui prodotti più apprezzati; circa 500 utenti che hanno visitato il Virtual Stand.



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