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Credemtel chooses Lovemark for a complete Digital Marketing action plan


Credemtel, a Credem Group company active for over 30 years in offering Digital Services, Electronic Document Management projects and concrete and innovative solutions in the CBI field, has chosen Lovemark’s expertise in Tech&Development, Social Media and Advertising for the realisation of a complete and diversified Digital Marketing project.

A collaboration that has been going on for several years, confirmed by a new annual plan of digital activities aimed at enhancing the brand in all its aspects and communication channels.


The first of these ongoing activities, entrusted to Lovemark’s various teams, involves the promotion of the products and services offered by Credemtel.

Particular attention over the past year has been paid to Supply Chain Management and Robotic Process Automation software, services for which ad hoc product launches have been designed.

The promotion of these solutions was carried out, in fact, through the creation of digital events realised on the LinkedIn platform and their related sponsorship by the Advertising team, which was able to identify the best target audience on the channel, with particular attention to the specific figures the brand addresses. Targeted actions, therefore, aimed at highlighting the importance of these two extremely innovative solutions in markets constantly evolving.

The Lovemark commitment for Credemtel did not stop there.

As for the activity on LinkedIn, in fact, the Social Media team takes care of the design, implementation and programming of a rich and engaging editorial plan, whose objective is to spread and promote the culture of Digital Services and Electronic Document Management. A goal that is achieved through a twofold activity: the monthly management of content on the platform and the publication of one article per month realised in partnership with Digital 360, the network of B2b titles and portals dedicated to the topics of Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurial Innovation.

The information activity also passes through Credemtel Webinars, online meetings aimed at educating users on the digital services offered and for which Lovemark takes care of the promotion part, with advertising activities on Linkedin, and technical support on the platform used for the live broadcast of the events.

Corporate culture towards the outside world but also, and above all, towards the inside. This is why, to accompany the various activities, it was decided to also develop an Employer Branding project on social networks and the website. A programme aimed at increasing and enhancing the company’s reputation starting from its employees, which saw the Lovemark team work on optimising Credemtel’s EVP or Employer Value Proposition, i.e. all those attributes that make the company attractive and credible, and the selection of the most suitable KPIs to measure the strategy.

Finally, among the client’s wishes, a new website for a brand that must always be up to date: this is the project that saw the Tech&Development and Inbound departments involved in a synergic work that led to the creation of a new and updated web portal for Credemtel. A website not only designed in detail according to criteria of usability and completeness of information for the user, but also conceived from an SEO point of view, thanks to a keyword analysis and research work that led to the best possible optimisation of the platform in question.

A 360° project, therefore, which led to an extremely effective and productive collaboration for both parties, which after several years are still linked by a relationship of mutual esteem and trust.


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