Lead generation & nurturing
for Dana

Dana Motion Systems, born from Dana’s acquisition of Brevini’s Power Transmission and Fluid Power business, was looking for a way to centralise all branch websites and allow them to be managed directly from the marketing headquarters of the Off-Highway Motion and Drive Technologies Division.

Lovemark has been able to bring its digital and web skills to bear, developing a worldwide map on Dana Motion System’s website with three different search filters: by Country, Product and Organisation (Production Plants and Service and Assembly Centres). Through this tool, it is possible to locate the various subsidiaries, obtaining for each one a presentation sheet including history, reference markets, product range, case histories, as well as events and news in the country to which they belong.

Thanks to this particular worldwide map, the branches maintained a high level of visibility and it was possible to merge the 14 different websites into a single mother website.


To facilitate the user’s navigation, the Development area finally centralised all documentation within a Media Library, from which to search for the required documents through filters divided by category: product, market and type of document (manual, repertoire, product brochure).

Lovemark’s work also extended to the Homepage of Dana Motion Systems’ website, where the graphics team came into play, designing an intuitive and easily navigable structure, highlighting the four top product categories: Gearboxes & Winches, Hydraulics, Extruder Drives and Industrial Driveshafts.

The team also worked on the page of each Market, devising a graphic layout that allowed the user to have all the necessary information. Finally, it gave coherence and a single identity to the websites of each brand reachable from the mother website, bringing them in line in graphics with the style of the Dana Motion Systems website.

Il team ha poi operato anche sulla pagina di ogni Market, studiando una disposizione grafica che consentisse all’utente di avere tutte le informazioni necessarie. Infine, ha donato coerenza e un’unica identità ai siti di ciascun brand raggiungibili dal sito madre, uniformandoli nella grafica allo stile del sito web Dana Motion Systems.


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