DZ Engineering

Tech & Development
for DZ Engineering

DZ Engineering, a company specialising in the design and creation of integrated systems and solutions in the lighting, telecommunications and motorsport fields, has chosen Lovemark for the renewal of its corporate image, starting with the makeover of its website.


The goal of DZ Engineering, part of the wider Dino Zoli group and aware of this important affiliation, was to enhance the more tech side of the brand and rework its market positioning, communicating its professionalism and uniqueness, which was difficult to achieve with the available tools.

In order to best satisfy the client’s wishes, Lovemark developed a strategy that would allow the brand to highlight the high level of know-how acquired in its many years of experience and convey the company’s added value to its target audience.

After an initial phase of concept reworking and value repositioning, the Lovemark team worked on the structure of the website, making it intuitive to use and at the same time allowing a direct link between projects and services, as well as dual-language navigation to maintain the internationality of the brand.

Particular attention was paid to the design of the menu and the filter system, the aim of which was to allow the user quick and easy navigation through the client’s three main business areas: lighting for events, exhibitions and museums, motorsport and the installations sector.

On the graphic side, it was decided to adopt a distinctive communication line, which would also emphasise the value of DZ visually: the choice fell on careful and well-curated graphics, with elegant colours, such as black and white, and a studied use of images and photographic material.

Other focal points worked on during the realisation of the website were lead generation, giving users the opportunity to contact the company at any time through dedicated forms, and the possibility of constant monitoring of results thanks to the implementation of Analytics.

A project that has been carefully designed down to the smallest detail, therefore, which has produced a highly usable portal designed for an effective and engaging user experience: every part of the website conveys the competence and professionalism of the DZ Engineering brand.


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