Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti

Content & Design
Branding Solution
for Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti

The Cerdisa Ricchetti Group, a historic Emilian company in the ceramics sector, chose Lovemark for a new creative and effective Employer Branding project.

The objective was to show customers and suppliers the faces behind the company and its products, to portray the human side of the company and then to shine the spotlight on the staff of the Cerdisa Ricchetti Group: hence the Light On Us concept was born.

A project that makes employees the protagonists, who recount their experience in mini videos, anticipated by a pilot that sees them all together inside the company.

To realise the project, we started from an internal qualitative analysis through focus groups across the different areas, to which we added a quantitative analysis through a survey to understand the working atmosphere and sentiment towards the Group.

The concept was created with the metaphorical power of stage lights and the stage, where the protagonist is central and therefore illuminated, while the audience waits to discover his story. The lights reveal, clarify, make visible what was not visible before.

This step was followed by the fundamental one for the concrete realisation (storyboard, filming and editing) of the videos, i.e. the interviews with the employees required for the scripts in which people talk about their daily life in the company and their experience.

Finally, an integrated social strategy was devised to support the Employer Branding project, including the creation of the playlist on Youtube, an EB campaign on LinkedIn, the scheduling of the videos on Facebook Watch and the sponsoring of stories and IGTV on the Instagram channel.

The goal, which was achieved, was to reveal the protagonists of GCR’s quality and products: its employees.


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