J Bimbi

Content & Design
for J Bimbi

J Bimbi, a brand dedicated to the world of early childhood and part of the Parma-based company Colpharma Srl, has chosen Lovemark as its digital agency to support a process of internationalisation of its website ecosystem.

The client’s request, endorsed by Lovemark’s consultancy for better usability by users, was to create several websites, with the dual objective of differentiating the targets and dividing the countries into different portals designed specifically for the national reference market.

After an in-depth analysis by the Inbound department on the two types of target identified as the brand’s main interlocutors, the Tech&Development team took care of developing a suitable web infrastructure to be able to realise dedicated web portals.

As a first step, a website dedicated exclusively to the Corporate world was created.

This new website, written solely in English, is now aimed exclusively at the B2B target, thus speaking to an audience of potential foreign retailers and distributors, with the aim of emphasising the importance and various advantages of becoming part of the J Bimbi brand distribution network.

Parallel to this single portal, the various websites dedicated to the individual countries and written in the relevant languages were then created. In this case, the focus of communication was on the product, which through guides and advice on its use is presented to the end user in its main features.

These new and updated websites have been designed from an SEO perspective, with language management on dedicated domains; at a visual level, on the other hand, they have been aligned with the stylistic guides considered most coherent and effective for each individual country considered. In addition, for each on-country portal, the Lovemark team left open the possibility of linking the website to an e-commerce, if envisaged by the retailer.

A wide-ranging project that has already seen the birth of numerous dedicated websites and that continues to expand its network for different countries around the world, thus advancing the importance of an internationalisation process within companies: a process that allows the introduction into new markets, aimed at finding new customers and partners abroad to expand one’s business.


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