Marchesini Group

Branding Solution
for Marchesini Group

Marchesini Group, a leading designer and manufacturer of machines and complete lines of packaging for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, chose Lovemark’s expertise to develop an Employer Branding strategy.

The brand’s goal was to create an effective communication campaign capable of reflecting the corporate identity and achieving success in terms of talent acquisition, engagement and company retention.


Lovemark’s strategy started from an analysis of the brand and the company climate: this way it was possible to ‘take a snapshot’ of the relationship between internal resources and the work environment, both in terms of the structural dimension and the interpersonal and individual dimension.

At the same time, long-term business needs were investigated in order to establish the specific competences required to meet them.
The analysis of the results obtained allowed the optimisation of the EVP, Employer Branding Value Proposition, followed by the design by the Lovemark team of a campaign that found its perfect synthesis in the ‘Express Yourself’ formula.

The campaign, launched with an advertising video created ad hoc for the summer festival “Sotto le Stelle del Cinema”, of which Marchesini Group was a sponsor, in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, included the creation of a photo shoot and a series of video interviews starring Marchesini resources.
In the interviews, employees were given the opportunity to tell how their talents were expressed within the company, underlining the leitmotif of the concept. The same interviews were broadcast on social channels and were used to populate the new career area of the website, for which the Lovemark team also took care of the text content.
The photo shoot, on the other hand, was used both on social media and for the panels to be used at career days and other recruiting events.

But the Lovemark team’s efforts did not end there: activities were developed to improve external communication and recruit new talent.
Here too, a new editorial plan was created, supported by a rich ADV campaign, the creation of digital graphic material and the conception of a merchandising product. Specifically, a pocket-sized cardboard ‘talent pills’ box was designed, i.e. mints contained in a blister pack, which on the one hand recalls Marchesini’s business and on the other is perfectly aligned with the ‘Express yourself’ leitmotif.

Lastly, the Lovemark Development team designed the Marchesini Group App, a tool for internal group communication and for connecting in one click all employees with entertainment and leisure, as well as company initiatives, in one click. Conceived also as a platform for supporting, managing, and publicising trade fairs and events, the app was designed with the aim of informing and updating customers and outsiders on the initiatives in which the Marchesini Group plays a leading role throughout the world: in a single APP, the entire Marchesini Group world.


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