Content & Design
for Multicedi

Multicedi, a leading company in organised distribution in central and southern Italy, chose Lovemark’s experience and analytical expertise for an internal analysis activity of social channels and the fanbase linked to them.

The analysis activity was focused on two of the brands belonging to the Multicedi group, Decò and Dodecà, and carried out in particular on the two platforms manned by these, Instagram and Facebook.


The brand’s request was to receive a complete overview of the internal activity carried out by the two brands on the two social networks, with the final goal of identifying the audience created thanks to the content of Decò and Dodecà and, if necessary, to modify their communication in order to address a target more in line with the Group’s expectations and desires.

Lovemark’s analysis was carried out following a well-defined path to highlight the winning steps or criticalities of social communication.

Starting with a quantitative analysis, aimed at identifying the main numerical data related to the use of the two platforms by Decò and Dodecà, Lovemark continued its research with a qualitative analysis phase, dedicated to the study of what and how content was being conveyed on social networks.

Greater emphasis during this phase was placed on the analysis of the fanbase. In order to best identify the users, not only socio-demographic data, such as age, gender and geographical origin were taken into account, but also the interests and behaviour on social networks for each individual user, which emerged through the use of specific community analysis tools.

This path led to the identification of two different Buyer Personas for each brand, a representation of the typical Multicedi user. A decisive step in the review of communication by Decò and Dodecà, which allowed an improvement in the performance of social media examined in a second analysis phase conducted one year later.


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