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Love My Salad is Rijk Zwaan’s platform, which was created with the aim of bringing together cooking enthusiasts, influencers and professionals from all over the world. It is a true community where vegetable lovers can gather and exchange experiences, discover the latest trends, discuss business opportunities and promote the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables.


Sharing is the keyword of the Love My Salad communication, which is developed both through the presence on the social channels Facebook and Instagram and through the narrative conveyed by blog articles.
Launched in mid-2020, the collaboration between Rijk Zwaan – a company dedicated to B2B – and Lovemark takes place in order to make the communication in Italy of Love My Salad – an international project of the Dutch brand – more effective with the end user on Facebook and expand it with the opening of the Instagram channel.

The operation covered several aspects and involved social media management, copywriting, and graphic design with the following targets

  • Define tone of voice and concept suitable for the Italian audience and recognisable
  • Launch the Instagram page
  • Create social storytelling to increase the Facebook audience
  • Consolidate the community on Facebook and Instagram
  • Disseminate through the blog engaging and educational content that would embrace values such as healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, sharing, and fun in the kitchen


To elaborate a Social & Content strategy that would be effective on the Italian public, we started with a qualitative-quantitative analysis of the brand and competitors on social and online, in order to define the landscape within which we were moving.

Subsequently, the editorial plan was drawn up, which took into account the data found in the strategy and at the same time involved graphic designers and social media managers in a creative collaboration based on a B2C style: recognisability of the contents, support for community care, involvement and analysis of user feedback were the project’s leitmotif.

At the same time, an operation was carried out on the website in terms of content to reflect the style baptised on the social network: Italian style, anti-waste culture, ecology, well-being, and sharing are the themes addressed in the articles with the aim of entering into the daily life of users, helping them to make different and more ethical choices towards themselves and the planet, without forgetting taste and simplicity.


In two years of the project, the goals in terms of KPIs set have been largely achieved, paving the way for future challenges. The community has also responded enthusiastically: the topics covered are perfectly in line on the one hand with the brand values and on the other hand with social current affairs and the everyday life of the users.

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