Lead generation & nurturing
Market Insight
for Sitma

Sitma Machinery, which since 1965 has specialised in the design, construction and marketing of machines, systems and complete lines for the Packaging, Post-Press, DM/Transpromo and e-Logistics sectors, has succeeded over time in developing an international network, becoming operational in over 70 countries.

Driven by the need to create a strategy that would put Ecommerce Packaging and Elogistics activities at the centre, in 2020 the company turned to Lovemark‘s experience and expertise, thus developing a first pilot project of International Digital Marketing, in particular SEO and Advertising, with the aim of generating leads in the United States and Germany.


A fruitful union and strategy, so much so that it has led Sitma to continue its collaboration with Lovemark and extend the field of action to more countries, European (Germany, UK and Netherlands) and non-European (USA, Canada, Indonesia), and on more channels, such as Search, Display and YouTube.

In addition to the ADV activities, Lovemark has also added an ongoing SEO strategy and activity, already started in 2020, with the aim of overhauling and improving the website and increasing Sitma’s visibility on search engines.

A project carried out on two fronts, therefore: on the one hand, to generate and qualify leads, as required by the Digital 2021 plan, and on the other to implement Awareness strategies, with the aim of increasing the strength of the Brand in those countries where it was necessary to stimulate awareness, thus acting on the entire acquisition funnel.

And since if it is not measurable, it is an opinion, to the multi-channel strategy designed and developed specifically for Sitma the Lovemark team worked to also add a strategy of set up tracking and objectives with recurring reporting, supported by the creation of dashboards with Google Data Studio.



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