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15 years of experience, over 40 brilliant minds, a heart that beats for digital: all this is Lovemark.

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We are a digital marketing company with offices in Milan, in the centre of the City, and in Reggio Emilia, between the Motor and Food Valley.
Experience, passion, and talent in the field of digital communication make us today a leader in offering web marketing services on the Italian and international market, thanks to important experience in heterogeneous industrial sectors and strong seniority of internal resources and skills.

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Any digital communication project of ours begins with a consultancy and analysis approach through which we can identify the potential of companies in the B2B and B2C sphere by building a web marketing plan based on data and analysis to achieve concrete and measurable goals.


The strength of our projects is their uniqueness: customised solutions, customised digital strategies and products dedicated to our customers’ needs.
We value the experience, products, and history of the companies that choose us, making them protagonists and working in synergy with the marketing and sales department. Being also lecturers and trainers for various organisations, we share our best experiences and the communication revolution of digital marketing in the classroom.


Digital Tailor Thinking is our way of working and being: with the awareness that each project we undertake is unique and special.

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Passion, desire to get involved and to work as a team, talent, and creativity are the characteristics of the professionals who work at Lovemark.
Over 40 different people and talents, capable of interpreting customers’ needs and translating them into concrete projects and outputs, thanks to the teamwork of our teams: Sales, Project Management, Inbound Marketing, Digital advertising, Development, Social, Copy, Design & Graphics.

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We are good, but these are not just words: the certifications we have achieved are a crucial milestone for us and a source of security for our customers.

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Institutions and awards



The ISO:9001 Quality certification for the design and delivery of digital marketing and training services is, on the one hand, an achievement resulting from the excellent work of the entire Lovemark team, which further demonstrates the quality of our internal processes; on the other hand, it is a guarantee for our customers because it confirms us as a solid and secure partner, able to provide customised solutions based on the needs of the companies that choose us.

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Being a digital agency also means espousing forward-looking values.

We deeply believe in the future, which is why our commitment to protecting the planet is concrete, starting with our hosting servers that are located in datacentres based on renewable, wind, and hydroelectric energy.

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We will give you back a project tailored to your needs.