Quality certification

Lovemark is a web marketing company that has been operating in the field of digital communication at national and international level for more than 15 years, with relevant experience in heterogeneous industries and a strong seniority of internal resources and competences.

Ours is Digital Tailored Thinking: we develop technological and innovative solutions, which make us an all-round digital company, thanks to a select team with analytical and creative skills, enabling us to achieve concrete and measurable goals.

Our Mission, in view of which we work every day, is to provide companies with digital solutions tailored to their needs and targets, guaranteeing high quality, customised services that offer the added value that allows them to improve their competitiveness and efficiency.

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The total customisation of our services allows us to design customised digital strategies that add value to the customer experience and engage the customer, working in synergy with the marketing and sales department. As lecturers and trainers, we share our best experiences and the communication revolution of digital marketing in the classroom.

In the design and realisation of our services, we refer to the highest applicable technical and professional standards, constantly striving to improve our offer.

Certificazione Sistema Qualità

The company and all its employees work to offer the highest quality services to its customers, always proposing a strategic and data-driven approach, with the desire to clearly differentiate itself from the competition precisely on this level.

In order to realise its mission and achieve the expected results LOVEMARK chooses to apply and continuously improve its Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001.


Numero 1

Full satisfaction of its customers, for a service perceived by them as truly useful, of high quality and with added value;

Numero 2

To offer strategic and operational solutions to companies with clear and shared goals, thanks to concrete and unbiased business plans;

Numero 2

To have consolidated and efficient business relations with customers, requesting feedback on their work and taking the necessary steps for constant improvement;

Numero 4

Continuous improvement of the company, the services offered, the internal processes, through everyone’s contribution and the implemented quality management system, through which specific goals and KPIs are monitored;

Numero 5

Involvement of all personnel in the policies and pursuit of the company’s objectives, with individual growth and at the same time development of the company;

Numero 6

Scrupulously selecting its internal and external collaborators, suppliers of goods and services, expecting everyone to comply with the principles outlined herein

Numero 7

Cultivate its human resources, a primary asset, through professional and motivational growth

Numero 8

 Carrying out checks and audits to detect and prevent possible situations of non-compliance with the company’s Quality Management System.


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