Advertising check

A successful strategy stands on solid foundations!

Thes ADVERTISING CHECK encompasses all those preliminary analysis activities aimed at understanding how to set up an advertising campaign that will lead to the desired results, both on Google and Social Media, and how your competitors move in the field and carry out their advertising.

Lovemark supports you in this AIMED RESEARCH by analysing, through different tools and platforms, the advertising activities already in place in your target market, highlighting, this way, the advantages and disadvantages of applying a certain strategy rather than another, always with an eye on the goals you have set yourself.

This analysis encompasses several factors that are taken into consideration:

  • Competitor: we study how your direct competitors operate in the field of sponsorships and study their strategies to find the most effective ones and those that, on the other hand, perform less well;
  • Keyword:good channel positioning is the first step to making yourself visible online. At Lovemark, we analyse the best performing keywords in your company’s field of action, examine their frequency of use and relevance to find the most suitable ones to improve your advertising strategy;
  • Performance simulation: we carry out campaign performance simulations in order to identify the strategy and channels, both social and Google, that are most suitable and closest to the goals to be met;
  • Performance estimation: we work on setting an optimal budget to reach the goal, in order to estimate the investment required from the client to activate an advertising campaign that is effective and profitable.

At Lovemark, therefore, we carry out a PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS that provides an overview of the key elements of a possible strategy and at the same time is preparatory to the setting up of a solid and effective advertising campaign.


We will return you a project tailored to your needs.