Increase your online sales with Amazon and other marketplace-type e-commerce platforms.

MARKETPLACE TYPE E-COMMERCE solutions are now being adopted by companies to respond to numerous needs, ranging from offering a convenient and fast service for recurring purchases, relieving the sales force of uninterested targets or specific products or product categories, to being used as a tool to increase their visibility and brand awareness.

At Lovemark, in addition to helping you create a digital store for your company, we also offer a consulting and operational service for the activation of the Amazon B2B channel to be used as a sales tool.

AMAZON BUSINESS is Amazon’s online shop dedicated to B2B that provides corporate customers with Amazon’s prices, selection, and convenience with features and benefits designed for companies.

Lovemark, through a path developed in 3 phases, supports you in the creation of a CUSTOM STRATEGY for direct sales on the Amazon Business platform.

1. STRATEGY: we analyse the target, the competitors and the reference market of your brand and your service or product.

We define the goals to be achieved, which customers to divert to purchase on Amazon, and which products to make available for sale on the platform.


During the SET UP AND ONBOARDING part, the Lovemark team supports you in registering and verifying your Amazon account, in uploading products to the platform, and in setting up the store channel, where you provide your customers with information about the brand, the history, and all offers available at that moment.

In addition, we integrate a monitoring phase and training on the general operation of Amazon B2B.

In the Promotion part, on the other hand, we proceed with an SEO-OPTIMISATION activity, in which we analyse the most searched keywords, select the most suitable categories, and provide guidelines for SEO-optimisation of product sheets and for handling user queries.

Finally, we manage the advertising strategy and set-up, defining the ads and activating display, search, DSP or customised ad campaigns, according to your company’s needs.

3. MONITORING AND SUPPORT, which involves quarterly reporting to provide a 360° overview and analysis of performance. With a dedicated meeting, our strategic support and the identification of opportunities, we check performance trends together, offering our advice on future actions to be taken.

Rely on Lovemark‘s strategic consultancy and become part of Amazon B2B, the e-commerce platform designed especially for companies!



We will return you a project tailored to your needs.