Brand culture

Create a strong and defined brand identity, make yourself recognisable among your competitors in the marketplace and keep your online presence monitored.

BRAND IDENTITY is the way a company wants to be perceived by its consumers and includes the values, culture, and personality of the brand itself; in short, all those factors that are essential to have an effective online presence and that give voice to the product or service.

For this reason, it is essential to implement appropriate strategies useful for the correct POSITIONING of your company, to preside over the network, paying the utmost attention to the keywords used and behaviour, and to intercept the perception that users develop towards your brand already in the listening and sentiment analysis phases.

Lovemark accompanies you in tracking and retrieving online information, transforming listening into secure and effective web marketing strategies, aimed at monitoring and improving your company’s online reputation through Brand Monitoring.

Keeping BRAND REPUTATION under control has become a fundamental action since there are now numerous websites and social platforms on which conversations relating to your company and your brand can arise.

Precisely by monitoring these conversations, Lovemark analyses your brand reputation on the web, and in particular on social media, carrying out an analysis that succeeds in:


  • Collect and analyse online content about the brand
  • Intercept problems or needs highlighted by users
  • Passively monitor online conversations.

The initial analysis of your brand’s web situation will help define the company, products, keywords and market to be analysed, while providing granular information on some crucial metrics:

  • Volume of conversations
  • Sources of conversations (Facebook, Blogs, Forums, Twitter, etc.)
  • Language of conversations
  • Geographical area of users
  • Sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) of conversations
  • Influence of users
  • Possible new brand-related keywords
  • Criticality definition

This Brand Monitoring activity is usually accompanied by an ‘alert’ service, useful to inform the company of the possible circulation of strongly negative content on social platforms, the web, forums, search engines and news channels, before the viral spread becomes uncontrollable.

Good brand monitoring, in fact, not only responds to a correct investigation of the company’s reputation, but also allows for timely intervention through targeted actions to respond, engage and encourage the identification of the community being addressed.

Turn to Lovemark for complete and reliable Brand Monitoring and let us advise you on the strategies to implement according to your specific needs.


We will return you a project tailored to your needs.