Custom solutions

Enrich the value of your company with highly innovative and customised web applications.

With Lovemark you can improve the performance of your website with applications designed for your needs and web based, which exploit native web technologies and reside on a server connected to the network itself.

Starting from your requests, or proposing the most suitable solution for you, at Lovemark we develop programmes with a high degree of complexity, such as CUSTOM integrations between website and company management, CRM, ERP and all those specific functions that require customised work.

The process to be followed includes a TECHNICAL ANALYSIS and in-depth analysis of the project, in which we take into consideration the client’s assets and resources, so as to investigate the real feasibility and architecture of the project and the time and investment required to get the activity off the ground.

We also take care of the relationship with suppliers for the implementation process of the application integration.

Each project, although COMPLETELY CUSTOMISED and dedicated, is carried out with a focus on the analytical phase, maximum attention to security, and testing work to ensure the correct functionality of each variable taken into consideration in the development of the application.


If you too would like to integrate your corporate website with customised and highly efficient applications, turn to Lovemark’s Tech&Development expertise.

Se vuoi integrare anche tu il tuo sito aziendale con applicativi customizzati e ad alto grado di efficienza, rivolgiti alla competenza in ambito Tech&Development di Lovemark.


We will return you a project tailored to your needs.