Digital marketing check

A careful and in-depth examination and dedicated software to discover the online behaviour of your competitors, through quantitative and qualitative KPIs.

Our strategy for kick-starting your web marketing projects consists of two different souls: a benchmarking analysis and a qualitative analysis..

Through the BENCHMARKING ANALYSIS a comparative study that can be modulated by Lovemark according to specific requirements, we identify the communication pillars and strategies adopted by the client company and its competitors on the web.
Among the parameters usually considered:

  • SEO and keyword positioning
  • International brand positioning
  • Link popularity
  • Web traffic volumes.

Through the QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS, we identify the most strategic communication features chosen by competitors to assert their online presence.
In detail, our study provides:

  • Analysis of the website functionalities
  • AStudy of website usability
  • SWOT Analysis: strengths and weaknesses of the company compared to competitors on the online market.
  • Web investment profitability analysis
  • Value map: communicative positioning of the companies under analysis summarised within a graphic matrix.

Rely on our analysis solutions and get your web marketing projects off to the best possible start.


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