Due diligence

An analysis and planning phase is the first step in an effective web marketing strategy aimed at achieving your professional and business goals.

The Due Diligence service offered by Lovemark comprises a process of in-depth investigation of an industrial, commercial, or service company in order to determine the advisability of proceeding towards certain transactions and, in particular, towards the creation of an online shop.

Through the study of the company’s history, current situation, and future prospects, the main goal of the Due Diligence, therefore, is to determine all the benefits and liabilities of a proposed investment, specifically investigating what the customer’s expectations are, the timeframe in which it will reach its goals, and the type of investment it is willing to undertake in the subsequent promotion realisation phase.

At the end of this analysis phase, a FINAL REPORT is provided, from which the client will receive a broad overview of his business, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses, its opportunities, together with valuable hints and suggestions on the key aspects for realising a successful e-commerce.

Our BUSINESS MODEL OPTIMIZATION is another valuable tool if you want to estimate your investments and the subsequent promotion phase to make a successful business.

Business Model Optimisation, in fact, is an analysis carried out predominantly on e-commerce, which, by taking into account structure and material costs, the expected conversion rate, and the traffic to be brought to the website, offers a possible estimate of what the turnover of your online shop will be.

Curious about the performance of your e-commerce and the profitability of your online shop investments? Rely on the Due Diligence and Business Model Optimisation analyses proposed by Lovemark.


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