Open your online store: design, planning, and promotion.

The presence of an e-commerce on web channels, in which to place your company products, is the ideal strategy to increase turnover and the user base beyond territorial borders, creating a VIRTUAL showcase accessible to the user H24 and 7/7 days from any geographical location.

Lovemark helps you in the creation of a digital store through different phases, ranging from a preliminary analysis to the final promotion of your products online.

The PLANNING phase, carried out alongside the customer, allows the clear identification of the target market in which the customer intends to position itself, its competitors, potential customers and the business goals it wants to achieve.

For this reason, before embarking on the realisation of the e-commerce, Lovemark carries out a detailed analysis in order to estimate the investments and the subsequent promotion phase, so as to guarantee a successful business.

Once the analytical phase has been completed and the information necessary to proceed has been obtained, Lovemark proceeds to the creation of e-commerce following certain characteristics:


  • Responsive design: in line with the client’s goals and the customisation of the functionalities, the layout of the product sheet is designed to favour the presentation of the same and the usability of the page by the user
  • Open source CMS: in order to guarantee flexibility in customisation and a highly usable interface, the solutions most often proposed are Magento and WordPress with Woocommerce extension.
  • Catalogue management: to guarantee completeness and ease of use, different solutions in terms of platform can be adopted according to the depth and breadth of the repertoire
  • SEO preparation: each page of the e-commerce is prepared for SEO optimisation, so that the shop is properly indexed on search engines.
  • Payment systems: the e-commerce set up can be integrated with the most popular payment systems (credit cards, PayPal, etc.).
  • Multilingual and multi-currency: the management of several languages and several currencies is the ideal solution for reaching an international audience and increasing profit possibilities.
  • Integration with Google Analytics: in order to measure e-commerce performance and act promptly on any criticalities.

Rely on Lovemark’s expertise and create a virtual shop window for the promotion of your products online.


We will return you a project tailored to your needs.