Email marketing

A defined strategy and appropriate tools are the first step to go beyond a simple newsletter and work on an effective and persuasive Email Marketing campaign.

Email Marketing is a powerful communication tool with numerous opportunities. Working optimally on an Email Marketing campaign enables the achievement of diverse goals, such as increasing website traffic, generating leads, approaching new customers, and retaining those already acquired.


Lovemark helps you to develop marketing actions through DEM with database profiling on the Italian market or on foreign markets thanks to a 5-step path:

  • Development of the strategy, which begins with the definition of goals
  • Designing the graphic layout of the newsletter and landing page
  • Development of the newsletter and landing page
  • Sending the newsletters via special software
  • Analysis of sending statistics, thanks to which you will know exactly the open and click rates, so that you can take targeted follow-up actions depending on the user’s response.

The Email Marketing campaign will allow you to:

  • reach a strongly targeted group of users, with the possibility of profiling it according to gender, age, profession, interests
  • lower costs per contact
  • reach a larger number of contacts in a shorter time frame
  • monitor results, sends and clicks, through the use of data analysis programmes, and final reports

To limit your efforts and optimise your Email Marketing campaigns, Lovemark also proposes the support in a Marketing Automation path, a system to AUTOMATE repetitive marketing activities and organise the work in workflow.


Turn to the Lovemark team and exploit the full potential of Email Marketing to achieve your goals.


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