Employer branding & advocacy

Improve your company’s reputation, attract new candidates and increase your company’s notoriety: with Employer Branding from Lovemark you build strong, identifying brand awareness.

But what exactly is Employer Branding? It is defined as a digital marketing strategy aimed at increasing and enhancing the REPUTATION of the company in the eyes of potential candidates, employees themselves and, cascading down, customers.

Corporate reputation is the set of those values, qualities, perceptions and expectations that define the identity of the company itself with its internal target audience: stakeholders and employees.



For this reason, it is necessary for a company to be good at communicating the characteristics that differentiate it from its competitors and make it more attractive to potential new employees and existing employees.

The targets of an Employer Branding strategy are, in fact:

  • Ideal candidates to be introduced to the company: whether they are those who apply for an open position or the talents that the company, in a more strategic perspective, aims to reach, successful Employer Branding is crucial to hitting the mark, as the company will have to focus on an even more consolidated self-image and even more appealing promises.
  • Employees: from the point of view of loyalty, an employee who is satisfied with the working ‘climate’, who feels valued within the organisation and shares its values, will naturally be inclined to speak well of his or her company, thus impacting on brand reputation.
  • Customers and potential customers.

Another key aspect to consider when talking about brand reputation is BRAND ADVOCACY : the willingness of the customer or employee resources, so satisfied with the product/service or that quality of life in the company, to recommend the brand in question to others spontaneously.

A possibility, Brand Advocacy, is not to be underrated, as it allows a totally organic promotion of one’s company to new customers, consequently increasing brand visibility to a wider audience and revenue without having to invest in advertising or other traditional marketing initiatives.

For a successful Employer Branding strategy, Lovemark follows certain steps:

  • Brand analysis
  • Identification of long-term business needs
  • Defining and understanding target groups
  • Defining objectives and competences
  • Optimising the EVP or Employer Value Proposition, i.e. all those attributes that make the company attractive and credible, and selecting the most suitable KPIs to measure the strategy.

The success of a good Employer Branding strategy on the retention rate is proven: rely on Lovemark’s solutions and improve your company’s reputation!


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