Google Ads

Improve your online presence and get found faster thanks to advertising strategies and Google Ads!

Advertising is undoubtedly one of the digital tools with the strongest growth in recent years: in fact, current trends show that recently there has been a strong increase in online marketing at the expense of traditional communication.

For companies, ONLINE advertising is an increasingly important tool in their promotional strategies, because it allows for greater specificity of the audience to which the message is being disseminated.

Lovemark, thanks to a team specialised in the advertising sector and expert in Google Ads tools, supports you in the development of a strategy aimed at PROMOTING services and products in a safe and effective manner and in the choice of suitable tools to set up campaigns that are more in line with your goals.

Specifically, the Advertising team will support you in choosing and implementing the type of ad, text or dynamic, best suited to your needs:

  • Search: ads displayed on the search results page when a user performs a search using terms related to one of your keywords.
  • Display: static banners or dynamic creative optimised by Google in such a way as to show the best performing mixes and displayed while browsing websites, YouTube or in mobile devices and apps.
  • Video: stand-alone video ads or ads inserted in streaming video content on YouTube and Google’s Display Network, with high user engagement.
  • Shopping: published in the top positions on the Google Search and Google Shopping results page and ideal for promoting both online and offline inventory, increasing website or local shop traffic and finding more qualified leads.
  • Discovery: a mix of creative used for search and display campaigns to provide extensive coverage of digital touchpoints.
  • Performance Max: designed to complement keyword-based Search Network campaigns to help you find more customers who convert across all Google channels, such as YouTube, the Display Network, Search Network, Discover, Gmail and Maps.
  • Apps: dynamic ads, published on different Google platforms, from the Search Network to the Display Network, via the Play Store and YouTube.

Take advantage of the numerous possibilities offered by Google Adv tools and increase your online presence thanks to Lovemark’s support in your promotional strategies!


We will return you a project tailored to your needs.