Inbound marketing strategy

Genera nuovi potenziali utenti, coinvolgi i tuoi clienti attuali e trasformali in promotori del tuo business grazie alle strategie Lovemark di Inbound Marketing.

In contrast to classic online advertising, INBOUND MARKETING allows the promotion of products and services through a mix of strategies and tools that include Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, and digital activities, condensing the process into 4 fundamental phases:

  • ATTRACT:  a phase that includes, in addition to the set-up of actions aimed at attracting quality visitors, the analysis and valorisation of certain data, often already present within the company itself, to arrive at the definition of the Personas we want to address. To this activity, we add the definition of the Customer Journey process, aimed at putting us in contact with our future customers, together with the mapping and set-up of the most effective touchpoints capable of attracting their attention online.


  • CONVERT: turn your visitors into contacts through various conversion web actions, such as a landing page form.
  • CLOSE: perhaps the most delicate phase since not all leads turn into customers. A good marketing strategy must support this process in order to ensure with all the necessary tools, commercial success and always keep contacts ‘warm’, even when already in negotiations.


  • DELIGHT: ‘delight’ your customers, create a loyal and ongoing relationship with them, and never make them feel neglected, even after they have purchased your service. In the latter phase, for example by offering smart content and regular surveys

For the optimisation of inbound marketing methodologies, structure your processes into workflows, thanks to the application of marketing automation

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