Mobile APP & PWA

Increase your customer base, engage your users, and increase your revenue possibilities through mobile apps and PWAs!

Apps are tools that are now part of everyone’s everyday life, downloaded by millions of users to perform a wide variety of functions.

Whether it’s a Mobile App or a PWA, every company, whatever its sector or size, should think about how it can harness the potential inherent in these tools to achieve greater growth and multiply its customer reach.


But what is the difference between a Mobile App and a PWA?

A MOBILE APP is an application developed in the native language of the device that hosts it, i.e. with views and functionalities created specifically for a given operating system.

A PWA, an acronym for Progressive Web App, is a web application, i.e. technically a real website, which aims to offer users an experience very similar to a mobile app, both in terms of interface and in terms of interactions and performance.


In both cases, developing a corporate app brings numerous benefits, ranging from the creation of a solid and loyal customer base, to the improvement of one’s BRAND REPUTATION, and even a significant increase in earnings and new, potential customers: a user who is satisfied with the use of the app will feel more confident in buying and interacting with your brand in a mobile environment and will be more likely to recommend it to others.


At Lovemark, we offer a consultancy and implementation service for Mobile Apps and PWAs, aimed at satisfying the client’s different needs, according to the goals that the client intends to achieve.

The Tech&Development team will be able to advise on the best type of strategy to implement according to the requirements and, subsequently, create a product that fully satisfies all the aesthetic and functional qualities highlighted in the initial brief.


Rely on Lovemark’s strategic consultancy and develop highly innovative and creative apps and PWAs with us!


We will return you a project tailored to your needs.