Seo audit & strategy

Analyse the status of your website, its rankings and compare them with those of your competitors: through Lovemark’s SEO AUDIT, you can develop a digital strategy that includes search engines and other functional media to achieve your goals.

It often happens that you find outdated content and broken links on corporate websites: it is easy to add new information, but the maintenance of what is already published is often forgotten.

Lovemark proposes a careful ANALYSIS of website content, aimed at making people understand the importance of proper SEO optimisation and the enhancement of all elements within a website

The objective of this analysis is to favour the growth of qualified traffic through the improvement of positionings in the search results pages.

Before proceeding with actual optimisation actions, it is certainly useful to carry out an SEO review of the website, aimed at identifying interesting insights and areas of improvement for the SEO optimisation that will be carried out later.

Here are some steps that Lovemark takes into consideration for a complete and comprehensive SEO Audit:

  • Crawl of the website to define any errors
  • Webmastertool (Google & Bing)
  • SEO traffic analysis (Analytics)
  • Website accessibility
  • Website indexing on Google
  • On-Page Optimisation Factors
  • Off-Page Optimisation Factors
  • Detailed SEO reports

Rely on Lovemark’s SEO Audit processes and achieve stable and long-lasting results.


We will return you a project tailored to your needs.