Position your website in the first pages of search engines and be found faster through careful SEO.

The objective of SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, is to reconcile the needs of indexing on search engines, using well-defined keywords, with good writing capable of arousing user involvement and interest in your content.


Lovemark, by offering a structured consulting activity, supports you in improving your

online VISIBILITY and search engine positioning of your corporate website, with a service based on analysis and training, customised according to your professional needs.

After a preliminary SEO Audit, capable of taking a careful snapshot of the state of the art of the website, and the identification of strategic keywords, Lovemark carries out all activities aimed at increasing positioning:


  • Optimisation of information architecture
  • Insertion and optimisation of title and description tags, H1 and H2
  • Content revision with a view to SEO
  • Insertion in Site map
  • Implementation of responsive design
  • Code optimisation in view of SEO
  • Local SEO (Google MyBusiness)
  • Vocal Search

In addition to these steps, Lovemark offers its experience and in-house expertise to develop an SEO COPYWRITING strategy, aimed at producing quality, keyword-rich content that is at the same time captivating and engaging for the user.

We will accompany you towards SEO friendly texts that are clear and readable, rich in strategically placed keywords and with carefully chosen internal and external links.

In addition, our SEO consulting is carried out using different approaches, which can be classified into four different types depending on your specific needs:

  • One Shot assistance: intervention is carried out to resolve certain problems or sudden emergencies, or even problems that are difficult to resolve, such as penalisations or SEO porting for website relocation
  • Full Service: we take care of everything, from preliminary analysis to problem resolution. In this case, we identify and analyse the difficulties encountered on your website and provide SEO optimisation where necessary.
  • Consultancy only: we analyse the state of the art, the problems and direct you on changes or operational actions to be performed
  • SEO training: starting with the basics, we teach you everything you need to know in order to become an SEO Specialist with high skills and abilities, so that you can subsequently work independently on your website’s SEO activities.
  • Internationalisation: SEO consulting for multilingual websites. In this case, the support will be provided to your company’s in-house SEO specialist, to train her/him in professional and advanced SEO activity and/or in the management of specific projects.

Contact us for a customised consultation and improve the SEO strategy for your website.


We will return you a project tailored to your needs.