Social Ads

Segment, promote and analyse: increase the visibility of your ads and content on different social platforms.

Social Media Advertising is a high-performance activity to increase the VISIBILITY of your company within the different social networks.

Advertising campaigns on social are designed to establish and achieve different goals, depending on the client’s needs and the characteristics of the platform where you decide to sponsor your content:

  • Increase the visibility and notoriety of your company on social channels
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Promote products or services offered
  • Increasing the number of followers
  • Generate leads

An advertising campaign of this kind, which can be undertaken in text, graphic or video formats, has particularly interesting features:

  • Campaigns are flexible: they can be planned in precise periods, with goals that can be reached on a daily basis;
  • It is possible to precisely define the target audience: thanks to the data provided by the users themselves and those obtained from their behaviour within social networks, it is possible to obtain demographic, geographic and psychographic information useful for targeted planning of the advertising campaign;
  • Pay per Click campaigns only charge for website visits received, with ad views remaining free;
  • Impression campaigns, on the other hand, work on a per-visit basis, regardless of the click, a very valuable option for branding campaigns, which are useful for increasing the notoriety of a company;
  • Ads are discrete and unobtrusive, fitting into the information flow of the social network chosen for one’s campaign;
  • The advertising activity is perfectly measurable through the monitoring systems present within the social media themselves, thus allowing an almost immediate analysis of the results, with the possibility of timely intervention where necessary.

Lovemark supports your company in defining the best social media advertising STRATEGY, adapting it to your needs through a process consisting of:

  • Defining the target social: different channels target different people. We help you define the strategic channel for your advertising goals;
  • Defining the strategy: think about your goal, choose your target audience and think about your budget;
  • Activating the campaign and setting up the textual and graphic ads
  • Constant performance monitoring and campaign optimisation;
  • Final reporting.

Rely on Lovemark and achieve concrete and reliable results for your social advertising campaigns.


We will return you a project tailored to your needs.