Social media & care

Social Media Strategy: the corporate communication revolution

Setting up a Social Media Management activity, especially for corporate purposes, requires a real communication strategy and the ability to integrate the different channels in order to provide your company with a real web 4.0 soul!

At Lovemark we accompany you, step by step, in defining the Social Media Marketing plan that best suits your company and your professional needs, so that you can carefully organise and plan your presence on Social channels, generate engaging content with high interaction performance and manage any crisis situations.

As with copywriting activities, social communication also requires STORYTELLING , which is engaging and creates a bridge between the two interlocutors, and which succeeds in getting online listeners to tune in to the company frequency.

The company’s storytelling, carried out through cross-channel communication on the main social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter… is capable of bringing users closer and involving them, especially when done in a new, curious way and with ample space left to the visual component.


At Lovemark, we not only plan content, but also support you in the creation of a structured EDITORIAL PLAN that conforms to the tone your company wants to have on the platforms, and in the interaction with users, providing ongoing actions aimed at creating a dialogue with the person, taking care of them, and possible ‘on the move’ adjustments, thanks to the daily operations of our Social team.

Inoltre, grazie alla strategia di Influencer Marketing, accompagniamo la tua impresa nella scelta delle personalità più idonee alle caratteristiche aziendali e strategiche per il tuo business: i social influencer hanno ormai ridefinito il modo in cui le aziende possono influenzare e coinvolgere il mercato di riferimento.

Defining, together with the client, the communication goals to be achieved and identifying the influencers who can best respond to such a need is an essential prerogative for us, carried out thanks to the rule of the FOUR R’ s: reach, relevance, resonance, relationship.

An all-round strategy to convey a reliable, constant, and always on-target corporate image.

Rely on Lovemark’s Social Management skills, create your online community and strengthen your relationship with your customers!


We will return you a project tailored to your needs.