UX ed UI design

Give your users the best possible user experience on your digital channels!

USER EXPERIENCE (UX) and USER INTERFACE DESIGN (UI) are the two main disciplines behind the creation of intuitive and aesthetically appealing digital interfaces.

If the goal of UX is to design the structure of a digital product so as to offer a functional navigation experience with respect to a target audience, the UI phase focuses on the user’s visual experience.

Lovemark, thanks to its long experience, continuous experimentation with customers and constant study of the stylistic evolution of web design, helps companies to combine usable and visible design solutions online.

Through the conception of efficient communication STRATEGIES, we design visual hierarchies to maximise the fruition of contents, using the most sustainable and compatible technological implementation choices.

Our approach is divided into two main phases, a Usability Analysis phase and a Comparative Analysis phase.

During the Usability Analysis, Lovemark supports you by carrying out various tests:

  • Analysis with individual users, in which we study user behaviour while navigating the website and gather considerations to guide any subsequent restyling choices
  • General usability consulting, in which we define the tools that follow the classic usability criteria through specific indexes
  • Conversion path analysis, in which we evaluate the paths followed by users to reach the conversion page and proceed to optimise them, restricting the field to 2/3 pages and cutting costs.

Comparative Analysis, on the other hand, consists of evaluating different strategies that are effective in terms of conversion rate: specifically, we create a series of versions for the same page and analyse how the results vary with different input sources, through the use of specific software.

This analysis once again allows us to study user behaviour while navigating the website and identify the points on the page that arouse the most interest, in order to help the design process of a new layout and orient the websites to the goals for which they were created.

Rely on Lovemark’s competence and experience in web design and make your website highly functional and at the same time attractive to your users!



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