From the graphic idea to development and programming: trust Lovemark to create a professional, responsive website.

A well-made, indexed and easily navigable website is an excellent online showcase for your brand.

At Lovemark, we develop corporate, institutional, product and blog websites, combining GRAPHIC, PROGRAMMING and SEO skills and always designing in ‘full responsive‘ mode to maximise the user browsing experience.

We realise your projects completely ‘tailor-made‘ by studying user-friendly, responsive and mobile-friendly interfaces, to be simple to use, performing in the interaction with the navigator, and perfectly usable on every type of device and display.

Lovemark structures the project in six different steps, each of which is dedicated to a specific development phase and entrusted to the relevant team:

Navigation tree

Together with the customer, we design the navigation tree of the website based on the keywords and indications from the previous strategic steps. This tree is designed in such a way as to satisfy both a congruent number of contents on the website and the optimisation requirements dictated by the rules of user experience:


  • 3-click rule: the user must be able to reach the searched content within a maximum of 3 clicks
  • 5+2 menu rule: guarantee maximum speed and ease of use, also paying attention to the number of items in the main menu

Copywriting and content

After defining the structure and communicative layout, we proceed to the drafting of the website’s texts, which at the same time are attractive and interesting for the user, and optimised from an SEO perspective. To this end, it is of strategic importance to have tackled an initial analysis phase that identifies the most interesting and high-performance keywords for the relevant sector.

In conjunction with the copy activity, we can support the client in the choice of the most appropriate content in terms of images to be included on the website, as well as with a post-production service on the material taken, in order to make it suitable for use on the website.

Graphic layout

In the process of building the website, the Lovemark web design team creates the graphic drafts, paying particular attention to ease of navigation, correct positioning of logos and graphic elements in space, harmonisation of colours and processing of images, and balance of monitor dimensions.


In the website development phase, Lovemark uses open source CMSs, especially WordPress and Drupal, with attention to the following aspects:

  • Creation of a highly usable administration panel, making it easy to edit and manage published content
  • SEO friendly code structure and content architecture, so as to optimise search engine positioning
  • Multi-platform formula, in order to develop and extend the portal also to availability via mobile devices
  • Multi-browser formula: the website is designed to be compatible on the most commonly used browsers and according to different screen resolutions .
  • W3C standards, to comply with the compatibility and accessibility standards established by the international W3C Consortium


At the end of the development process, Lovemark carries out training on the CMS, so that the customer is able to work independently in updating the content, both textual and graphic.

Google Analytics and performance measurement

Lovemark inserts, on each website, the Google Analytics code in order to monitor the performance of the website and thus define future action steps within a complete web marketing strategy.

Rely on our expertise in website development and create a customised and highly functional portal to present your brand to the market.


We will return you a project tailored to your needs.